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TASK 1052  PERFORM  VMC(Visual Meteorological Conditions)  FLIGHT MANEUVERS.


CONDITIONS: In a UH-1 Helicopter.

STANDARDS: Appropriate common standards plus these additions/modifications:

1. Turns.
  a. Clear the aircraft.

 b. Roll out on desired heading ± 10 degrees.

2. Climbs and descents.

 a. Clear aircraft.

 b. Stop climb/descent at desired altitude ± 100 feet.

3. Traffic pattern flight.

 a. Enter, operate in, and depart a traffic pattern.


1. Crew actions.

a. The pilot on the controls (P*) will remain focused primarily outside the aircraft. They will announce and clear each turn, climb, and descent.

b. The pilot not on the controls (P) and non-rated crew member (NCM) will assist in clearing the aircraft and will provide adequate warning of traffic and obstacles. They will announce when their attention is focused inside the aircraft and again when attention is reestablished outside.


2. Procedures. Adjust cyclic as required to maintain the desired airspeed, course, ground track, or heading as appropriate. Adjust collective as required to maintain the desired climb/descent rate or altitude and maintain aircraft in trim with the pedals. Perform traffic pattern operations per air traffic control (ATC) directives, local standing operating procedures (SOPs), and FM 1-203.



1. The P* will focus primarily outside the aircraft and should concentrate on obstacle avoidance and aircraft control. The P will make all internal cockpit checks.

2. During periods of reduced illumination or marginal weather, the P* may reduce the recommended airspeed and bank angle. The turns from upwind to downwind
and downwind to final may be continuous, coordinated turns.

TRAINING CONSIDERATIONS: For traffic pattern training, the recommended airspeed and rate of climb/descent on crosswind and base legs are 70 KIAS and 500 feet per minute (FPM). The recommended airspeed on downwind leg is 90 KIAS. Recommended bank angle for turns is 30 degrees.


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 229th Notes:

In the 229th we teach traffic patterns as follows: 

  • 60 KIAS climb out with a 400ft AGL turn to crosswind,
  • and downwind will be flown at 90 KIAS, 700ft AGL.

 *During your check ride you will be asked to perform a traffic pattern.